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Success Story: Aerospace

We worked with executive teams of three different organizations at the same major aerospace and defense company to create five-year visions.

Providing Clarity for Future Direction

To develop the vision, we conducted a series of interviews with a cross section of members from each organization, key suppliers, and customers. The learning gained from the interviews was then crafted into a document that was reviewed, revised, and finalized by leadership during a facilitated workshop. Each of the documents provided a comprehensive vision of how the organization would look and how people would behave five years in the future. It included specific descriptions of leadership actions, the strategic planning process, process management improvements, people involvement, the utilization of information technology, and metrics.

The vision documents were then used to help define organization strategy, gain alignment among the leadership team, and as a tool to communicate the intended future to individuals within the organization as well as a way to assess progress toward achieving it.

1. Defense Aircraft Program. The catalyst for change was the loss of a major defense contract. As a result, leadership sought to define a new strategic direction for the organization, including a shift to increase the focus on innovation in its product line to prolong the life of a key aircraft program. The vision was used both internally to gain focus and alignment to the needed changes and externally with customers to share the new direction the organization was taking.

2. Aerospace Services Organization. The vision provided direction on how to utilize the organization’s service capabilities to grow its business. It included the organization’s plan to further develop its performance-based logistics capabilities through the development of a more customer-centric culture.

3. Commercial Aerospace Joint Venture. The vision established the 5-year transition for a Shanghai based joint venture, transitioning from US management control to Chinese management and operation. The document was the basis for the execution plan that followed, leading to a successful transition.

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