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We work with venture capital, private equity, public and private companies and government institutions to create value.  With unparalleled success at numerous Fortune® 500 clients, it is easy to see why people choose our team. We help leaders implement a process to unlock significant value, develop high performing teams and produce a strong, enduring culture.  Let’s talk about the culture alignment required to achieve your vision or investment thesis.















Over the years, we have led strategic business transformation projects using a proven process that works at any scale.  We bring that same experience and confidence to every project.

SPOTLIGHT: LORD Corporation, A diversified manufacturer, sold to Parker-Hannifin in 2019 for $3.675B (an 18x multiple)

Read about how our transformation experts helped LORD Corp transform, grow and unlock significant value.


What are they saying about Ascension?

Private Equity Senior Advisor at Blackstone & Former CEO of LORD Corporation

"Bill Belgard and Steve Rayner are global Transformation process experts. They easily engage all levels of the organization to shape your future; driving and achieving better performance and in less time than expected."

-Ed Auslander, Senior Advisor Private Equity, Blackstone and former CEO of LORD Corporation

“If you are preparing for a transformation, my best advice is to know what your limits are.  Know what you can and can't do. Take inventory of your finances and other resources. And then from there, I would bring in Rayner and Belgard.” 



Pat Finneran

President of Accelerated Performance Solutions, LLC, and former Board Director for LORD Corporation and Marine Corp Aviator

“When we started on our Performance Improvement journey Bill Belgard and his company were hired to implement ‘Employee Engagement’ . I must admit that I was not an early fan, dismissing it as more ‘soft stuff’ unrelated to getting airplanes designed and built. Was I wrong!

Bill and his team persisted, and I learned to trust and respect him and his team. We went from strength to strength for two Boeing organizations and continue our partnership and friendship yet today. We could not have done it without him.”                       

“Bill Belgard and Steve Rayner are organizational transformation gurus.  Their expertise in transformation and practical advice combined with their ability to work at any level of the organization makes them a wonderful resource for any organization looking to transform!”

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Debbie Collard

Co-founder of

Seasons Leadership


Dr. David E. Spong

President of Boeing

Support Systems, Ret.

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