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72% of executives say culture is key to performance but only 32% believed their company culture is aligned with its business strategies. Business culture transformation brought significant results from corporate-cultural focused companies such as +685% revenue, +901% stock price, +756% net income, and +282% job growth.                                                 .

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LORD went from roughly $850 million in sales in 2016 to well over a billion by 2018, over a two-year period a 20% increase in sales and a 70% increase in profitability

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Steven Rayner, Chief Transformation Officer at Ascension Transformation Solutions on the transformation of LORD Corporation and lessoned learned can apply to a wider A&D as it ponders post-covid resilience strategies

Ascension helped aerospace leaders win the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award by helping them develop a strong relationship with their Air Force customers and become one of the most profitable programs in the company

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