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This podcast is hosted by Steven Rayner, Chief Transformation Officer and Bill Belgard, Chief Strategy Officer at ATS. They will be interviewing a new guest star each episode to uncover world-class business transformations and leadership excellence. 

Steven Rayner

Chief Transformation Officer


William Belgard

Chief Strategy Officer


The Women in Leadership Podcast helps women around the globe explore their passion for leadership. Join Maryanne Metz, Digital Marketing Manager at Ascension Transformation Solutions on #womenwednesdays to listen to the latest episodes. She talks with Debbie Collard and Susan Ireland, co-founders of Seasons Leadership Program and former business executives at The Boeing Company during each episode to help you avoid the pitfalls in business. The ladies discuss female-related business topics and offer exclusive insights to help women find leadership excellence in their careers.

Susan Ireland

Co-Founder of

Seasons Leadership

Debbie Collard

Co-Founder of

Seasons Leadership

Maryanne Metz

Digital Marketing Manager



Women in Leadership

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