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Leadership Excellence Advocate: Miriam Lacey

We would like to recognize and introduce Dr. Miriam Lacey as a partner and advocate for business transformation and leadership excellence. She is a Professor of Leadership who teaches exclusively in Pepperdine University's senior executive programs such as the Presidential and Key Executive MBA.

She specializes in the integration of behavioral science innovations with human resources principles and quality management systems. She served on the United States Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and served as Technical Advisor to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Dr. Lacey works with Fortune 500 companies on the implementation of large-scale change for greater quality, productivity, and employee commitment.

"Sometimes let's implement the vision we're all on board with but other times what the people want and what the leadership team or CEO want are different. I think there's a better way than telling them they are wrong; we can use that as an opportunity for education to relationship build and bring them along. Take them to observe things by allowing them the opportunity to interface with customers or suppliers."

Interview with Miriam Lacey, Professor of Leadership sponsored by the Leadership and Transformation Podcast

She has worked in human resources management and organization development in 19 countries and has been a recurrent lecturer at the Japanese Productivity Center and University of Lyon in France. Dr. Lacey has served on the boards of several manufacturing and sales companies in Europe and Asia and is the past Vice President and Chair of Education and Research on the board of directors for the Association for Quality and Participation. Miriam earned her PHD in Organization Behavior and Development from the University of Utah in 1980.

We are proud to support Miriam in her future endeavors and excited to share powerful leadership tools from her career experiences! Take a listen to her podcast, “How to Grow Excellence in Leadership" sponsored by the Leadership and Transformation Podcast for more information.

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