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Change is Good?

It’s such a cliché now.

Change is good.

Is it really “good”, or is it just an unachievable prediction you heard somewhere?

However you feel, its safe to say that change continues to come at us with ever-increasing frequency. This is causing leaders to question their management processes as common methods of top-down decision making are producing inefficiency against the onslaught of change. These methods tend to produce slower reactions and allow a more nimble competitor to thrive in our own backyard.

We’re asking as many of our past clients the following question: “Have you significantly altered or entirely scrapped your 2020 business plan?” Many we’ve talked to have done a pretty good job of maintaining their plan albeit with a few alterations. That is very comforting. Clients tell us about their earlier work on building an empowering culture where high performing teams are capable and free to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. This is making a difference for them.

We hope you are staying healthy and safe during this Covid-19 challenge. If you would like to share your perspective on the question about your 2020 plan, please provide a response to this blog post in the comment section.

Until next time, please check out a “Good” change story. It’s about how a client delivered positive change through an empowered, high performing team. In this interview, we talked with the previous CEO of LORD Corporation about his journey through the transformation process of the organization.

Click here to listen.

Have a great day!



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